Understanding the Human Order System

The human skeletal system is a series of bones that gives humans shape, structure, motion, and protection. It also functions as a producer of red blood cells and minerals, and is able to release hormones needed for the body to function properly. Get to know the human skeletal system and its possible diseases. Humans are born with 300 bones. But as we get older, some bones coalesce, so that as an adult there are 206 bones in the human body. Each bone plays an important role so that all body mechanisms function properly. Function of the Human Order System Unlike other organs in the body, bone composition is strong and dense. Bones also function in producing blood cells, and have their own nerves and lymph vessels. The function of the human skeletal system is as follows: Support and give shape to the body Bones provide body shape such as jaw shape and height. Bones also support the body so humans can stand upright or sit down. As a means of movement Bones together with mu
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